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Betty's Haven

Index to Sanders Pages
Hello Cyberfriends and family. I just thought some of you might
enjoy an index to the Sanders and Parson family pages. Use your
browsers "Back" to this index and view all the pages you want.
1. Sanders Genealogy in OK
2. Lewis Sanders, my grandpa, pictures of Lewis when young, his sisters, Henryetta and Effie Dunback, a picture of Jerry when young and one of me, Betty when young
3. Lewis Sanders page 2, writing about grandpa Lewis
4. Sanders Genealogy in OK part 2, my dad, mom and family, my brother, sister and me as children
5. Jerry Sanders and Dollie Dazzler Sanders, My parents
6. Jerry Sanders, more about him, my dad (writings and pic's)
7. Dad's siblings, Tom, Nan and baby Allen
8. Dad's siblings, Tup (Lewis), Moot (Lois) and Tige (Jack)
9. More about; Tom and Nan (writings and pic's)
10. More about; Tup, Moot and Tige (writings and pic's)
11. Old picture of Dad and his siblings, old picture of Tup and Moot when small (Twins) and old picture of Nan when young
12. More Sanders pictures; Tom WW1, Charlotte Mable, Nan as baby and Tom taken about 1904, great old pic of Nan with a horse and old car
13. Old family houses; T. D. Sanders, Lewis Sanders house and family before my dad was born and Rachel Parson Lovett house 
14. Old family pics; Moot and Tuddy's kids, Charlotte and Tuddy and twins 
15. More old family pics; Bell and family, Tuddy when young, Tuddy, Group of relatives 
16. Sanders / Parson genealogy, my grandmother Maude Parson Sanders, her father, Peter Parson and her brother, Johnson Parson
17. Old Parson Pictures; Margaret Sanders Parson bunch, Sickey Parson and kids, Peggy Parson Boyles  and family
18. George Sanders decendants, pic of James and others
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