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Betty's Haven
My Fantastic Explorings Index

Guess where I was when this picture was taken? Check out the pages to see. Have fun:)(Did you guess?)Email me
1. Greenleaf bridge and me at cave on Black Hollow road
2. Looking for old McCracken cem, county line road
3. I found old McCracken cem, see the old gate hinge
4. Daddy and mama married in middle of old County Line road
5. Old cellar, Lyde Lovett Keys place
6. Old Rachel Raincrow place north off Black Hollow road
7. Old Rachel Raincrow place pg 2, old dug well and etc
8. Dug well on Black Hollow road, Grant Redfearn place
9. Old William Ballard place, old dug well, county line road
10. Old William Ballard place, old dug well, county line road page 2
11. Old William Ballard place, old dug well, county line road page 3
12. William Ballard place 2nd one, Cherokee county side
13. Houston, son of Tom Ballard old well Muskogee county side
14. Old John Jack Ballard place on Cherokee county side, not far from William's
15. An earlier John Jack Ballard place on Muskogee county side
16. Cedar Bluff road and bluff, neat place
17. Big dug well on Greenleaf road
18. Old Mt Zion school east of Braggs where my daddy went to school
19. Old Yellow Hammer school site
20. Yellow Hammer well
21. Yellow Hammer well 3
22. More Yellow Hammer school site
23. Old Armine Sanders Summerlin place
24. Sanders corner east of Braggs, daddy, Jerry Sanders was born here
25. Grandpa's cellar, Lewis Sanders place east of Braggs, OK
26. More of grandpa's cellar, Braggs, OK
27. Another neat page of grandpa's cellar
28. William Hinds and Mary Baufman Hinds old place I think
29. William and Mary Baufman Hinds old place 2, 
30. Old James Louis Dazley place
31. Big old cement cellar, red flowers and Battenfield well
32. McCracken Ford on big Greenleaf creek
33. Tom Sanders old place
34. Grandma Nancy Gafford Sanders Dunback Ziegler's old cellar
35. Old Miller cem in Wildlife Game Refuge, Cherokee county
36. Old original Greenleaf cem Wildlife Game Refuge, Cherokee co
37. Slab bridge over Greenleaf creek, near old Qualls store site
38. Old Charlie Spencer place on Greenleaf creek
39. Old Gullet place where John Spencer and family used to live
40. Old road where daddy wrecked car, Black Hollow / Small Game
41. Corner roads, Greenleaf, Cedar Bluff and Pumpkin Center
42. Old Pete Johnson place west of Greenleaf school site corner
43. Old Charlie Silk place off Black Hollow road
44. More Charlie Silk place
45. Old David Sanders place
46. Old road going south from Silk place
47. Old Joe and Mary Sanders Raincrow place
48. Corneilous Raincrow place, son of Joe and Mary
49. Old Raincrow cemetery moved out in 42
50. Whiteoak creek near the old Raincrow cemetery
51. Old Dewitt Ballard place north of Doc Mull store site
52. Old Doc Mull place on Pumpkin Center road
53. Old Hutchings place 
54. Charlie Glass place on Hayfield road off of Small Game road
55. Little Charlie Glass place west of Charlie Glass place
56. Old place south of little Charlie Glass place,lots of ruins
57. Old Grass Ballard place on Hayfield road, old Garfield site
58. Old Grass Ballard place, old well
59. Old Tuxy Ballard place on Elm Hollow road 
60. Old Conrad place, well and etc
61. Old Henderson Spears place, not far from Terrapin creek
62. Henderson Spears place page 2
63. Indie and Arley Spencer place on Cedar Bluff road
64. Indie place 2, daughter of Loney Briggs
65. Off of Greenleaf road, Round Mountain
66. A Round Mountain picnic
67. Old John Reynolds place on Greenleaf road
68. Greenleaf road going on south
69. Old Earl Hutchings place on Greenleaf road
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