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Betty's Haven
More of My FantasticExplorings

An old broken iron pot on the old John Jack Ballard place
Can't you just imagine building up a fire and heating water in this old cast iron pot to boil clothes on washing day?

Me with an old galvanized tub on the old Ballard place
It was so neat finding this old place. It is located north of Spaniard Creek road. The old road we walked up on was little more than a trail and did turn into a trail and then nothing but brush by the time we found the remains. I am glad my companion knew how to get there or I would have been hopelessly lost!

An old bucket on the Ballard place
We also found some of the rocks that were used for the foundation of the house. We found the rock place where they used to boil and make sorgum molasses. We found a rock surrounded flower bed and part of the goat pen fence. By the way, John Jack Ballard built the little 2 room house for his family. It is now located on the property of a relative of his wife and is now used as a chicken house. They moved it out of there when Camp Gruber made them move. John Jack is son of William Ballard of the previous 2 pages.
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