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Betty's Haven
More of my Explorings
This is me standing on an old cellar that used to belong to one of my relatives, my grandma Maude Parson Sanders' sister, Rachel Parson's daughter Lyde. It is located on what is now called Burnt Cabin Road in the Wildlife Game Refuge, but the road used to be called Qualls road. This is the back of the cellar and the door faced East. I think the house used to be in front of the cellar and down the hill a short distance. Picture taken 3-99 but I found this 12-96

This is the door leading into the old cellar

This is a picture of  "Lyde" (Elizabeth) when she was young
She is the one who lived at the place where this cellar was and still is. She married a Keys and raised her kids there. This picture is before she married. Her mother was Rachel Parson Lovett. Her mother was married to Richard Lovett. Her mother was the oldest sister of my grandma Maude Parson Sanders.
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