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Betty's Haven
More of My FantasticExplorings

An old road going to Henderson Spears old place
This old road leads off to the right off of what is now called, Small Game road in the Wildlife Management area of Cherokee county. After going through the south gate, just keep going until you come to Terappin creek. Cross Terappin creek and go up a steep hill and at the top of the hill, this old road goes to the right (north).

Old cellar at Henderson Spears place 1-18-1998
This is the remains of an old cellar on the place. We found lots of ruins here. A lot of rock building remains and old stuff lying around. There was a real long rock fence too.
An old dug well on the place

An old wheel that a small tree was growing around
Notice the blue arrow I drew in ink? Well that is pointing down to the inside of the well. This little wheel is right on the edge of the well.
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