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Betty's Haven
More of My FantasticExplorings

This is the old rock foundation of old Woodard school
The school burned down and they moved a streetcar in to use as a school. But they put it down on Greenleaf road about a mile east of where this place was. I heard that it was placed on the east side of the road right across from the old well that I mention below. A friend of mine gave me an old picture of the streetcar school that I may get on a web page soon. This place is located on Hutchinson road east about 1 mile from Greenleaf road. Remember the old well on Greenleaf road (the one I am sitting on), Hutchinson road goes east from right across from that old well. Hutchinson road makes a loop from Greenleaf road by this old school site, then on south for a short distance then back west to Greenleaf road.

The old Hutchings place
This old place is south of the old Woodard school site about 1/2 mile or more where the road loops to go back to Greenleaf road. There are flowers blooming in the spring. I was told the old well is located west of here. I did not find it yet, but plan to when snakes go back into hiberation. 

 An old plow point on the old Hutchings place
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