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Betty's Haven
More of My FantasticExplorings

This is the old Joe Raincrow and Mary Sanders Raincrow place
It is located on what is now called Burnt Cabin road south of the slab bridge across Big Greenleaf creek and just south of where Black Hollow road starts. Black Hollow road goes west from Burnt Cabin road. Mary Sanders Raincrow was my greatgrandma Margaret Sanders Parson's sister and also David Sanders' sister.

An old Singletree on the old Raincrow
This part is what they call a "Singletree". I didn't know what it was until I was told it was used to hook a plow to a horse or mule to plow a field with back in the old days.

Me  holding part of headstone for one of the babies that had died
They left the stone under the porch when they had to move out of there. The baby was buried in the old Raincrow cemetery, located about a mile north and west of this place, near Joe's son, Corneilous Raincrow's place. They had bought the stone but hadn't took it to the cemetery when they had to move. The old house is gone and the stone was broken up. It had the name of the baby on it but the dates were broken off and I could not find the rest of the stone. The old Raincrow cemetery was relocated to Greenleaf cemetery southwest of Tahlequah in 42.
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