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Betty's Haven
More of My FantasticExplorings

Corner of Greenleaf, Pumpkin Center and Cedar Bluff roads
On this corner is where the old Greenleaf school was. The only thing left is the old ruins of the steps that have been pushed back on the land here. There are a lot of those red flower bushes growing and blooming in the spring every year. "Jaunica" bushes, I think they are called. I have talked to several people who attended this old school back in the years before Camp Gruber took the land in 42. In fact, my ex husband started first grade in this old school.

Same corner as above
This is the same corner but you can see where Greenleaf road is going north and just in front of the pickup is where Cedar Bluff road goes east. You can see it in the next picture. There used to be an old store across from the school right on this corner.

Greenleaf road and Cedar Bluff road
This is another picture of the same corner. The old store was just south of where Cedar Bluff road joins Greenleaf. It was called Jim Dawes store. The old swinging bridge across Big Greenleaf creek was just south of here. The later bridge was completed in 38. My ex husbands dad, John Spencer worked on that bridge.
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