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Betty's Haven
More of My Fantastic Explorings

Old Whittles place, I took this picture 3-21-1999
This is the old homeplace where John Spencer family used to live back in the 40's. It is located just South of the slab bridge over Greenleaf creek. You can see the Daffodil flowers growing and blooming. Whittles owned the property.

This little creek was near the house 3-21-1999
The Spencer (my kids daddy and his siblings) kids used to play in this little creek. Across this creek and up a trail West, I found the remains of the old Charlie Spencer place.

Old Charlie Spencer place 3-21-1999
This is part of the old rock foundation. The land was owned by Arley Spencer's wife, Indie. They lived across Greenleaf creek from this place on Cedar Bluff road, West of the slab bridge about 1 mile or less. My children's great grandpa Charlie Spencer and family lived here. He had a blacksmith shop at this place. Big Greenleaf creek flowed West, on the  North side of the house. Cedar Bluff road was on the North side of the creek.
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