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Betty's Haven
More of My Fantastic Explorings

Part of an old wagon wheel at the old William and Mary Baufman Hinds place
Daisy Hinds told me how she used to play around this old homeplace as a child with her little brother, Floyd. Floyd died at age 7 and was buried in the old McCracken cemetery and moved to the newer Greenleaf cemetery in 42.

Part of an old rusted well bucket or stove pipe
It was all rusted and flatten out in the dirt and leaves. It spoke of  a life of living years ago. My grandpa Hinds died in 1912 and was buried in the old McCracken cemetery and later moved to Greenleaf cemetery in 42.

This is Greenleaf Lake, just South of the old Hinds place
The old dug well that Daisy Hinds spoke of maybe under the water of the lake. She told me it was down the hill from where the house was. I took this picture from up on the hill not far from where I think the houe was located.
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