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Betty's Haven
More of My Fantastic Explorings

Sanders Corner looking East
My dad was born on this land in the house where they used to live. Be sure and see my Sanders genealogy pages where the old house pictures are. The house was on the far corner on the left in this picture. The road ran East and West and North and South. This picture I am looking East. Their house was located on the East side of the North / South road and North of the East / West road. To get to Mt Zion school where daddy went, you would go East 1/2 mile and turn North and go 1 mile to the next corner. On the East side of that road was the school. I hope you saw the page of Mt Zion school explorings.

Me holding an old flattened bucket found at Sanders place 12-7-1996
 A part of history! I was so happy to find this place. I just wish my daddy could have been with me. He died July 1st this same year! I never found it until after he died. How sad. The stories he has told me have taken on so much more meaning since I found this place. I hope you saw my Dec picnic at the old cellar on this place as I celebrated my Chrismas Eve this last year (Christmas Eve 2000). What a joy that was! The family seemed near somehow!

The old Thorn tree I have heard my daddy talk about many many times
It was such a joy to see that old old thorn tree that had stood there when my daddy was a kid. And to think it stood there and is still standing is really something!

The old Sanders house before daddy was born, probably taken about 1909-1910
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