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Yellow Hammer well at the old Yellow Hammer school site 8-1996
This view is looking East and the road can be seen on the other side. The old school used to be West of the well. I have heard my daddy talk of the Yellow Hammer school many times but never found the old site until after daddy died. I wish I could have taken him there and listened to the stories he would tell. My cousin in the picture, on the right of the old Mt Zion school explorings page (my explorings 12), went to this old Yellow Hammer school. He went with us to see this place one time and he hadn't been back there in 60 years. He remembered the school though. That cousin has since died and more of history died too. I miss him.

A closer look at the old well
It used to have a pump on the top of the well and there are old rock steps on the North side of it for the kids to climb up. There is a rock watering trough on the East side, next to the road, which was used to water the horses.

This is a view from the road, East side, looking West
The watering trough was on this side. The school was located on the other side of the well a short distance to the West. This picture was taken before the brush was cleared so the trough can be seen. (next web page)
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