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Betty's Haven
More of My FantasticExplorings

Old horse watering trough, Yellow Hammer well 8-5-2001
This is a view from the road, East side, looking West. The school was located on the other side of the well a short distance to the West. You can see the rock watering trough on the East side, next to the road, which was used to water the horses.

Me sitting on the old well 8-5-2001
I am sitting on the north side of the well with my foot on the rock steps where kids used to climb up to get a drink of water at the pump which used to be on the top of the well. The road can be seen  behind me.

Yellow Hammer school site well steps 8-5-2001
This is the north side of the well where the rock steps were. Can't you just imagine a pump on the top and the kids or whoever stopped by, pumping cool water to drink and maybe pumping water and let it run into the trough for the horse to drink. There used to be picnic's and dances across the road from the school. People would come for miles around in wagons, horses or walking to enjoy the day.
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