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Betty's Haven
I remember the 40's
and the 50's

This pic was taken in the 50's
I remember when
Western movies were 10 cents for
a double feature, a  serial,
a newsreel and coming attractions!

Masked outlaws & masked good guys
such as the Lone Ranger. I just
loved going to town on Saturday
and staying all day at the "show"
as it was called back then.
I remember when
Penny candy really only cost a penny!
My car in the 50's

1949 Ford
It was navy blue
Back in the 50's when I bought the
car, the Tastee Freeze ice cream
place was either selling or giving
away dolls when you bought an
ice cream sundae or maybe a banana
split. They were pretty dolls with
long frilly dresses. I would get
them and put them up over my
sun visors on each side of my car.
I had six of them I think.

This pic was taken in the 40's
This doll was purchased
with Green Stamps by  my aunts
and given to my mom to give to me
for Christmas. I remember the
doll's dress and bonnet was blue.
I was so proud of that doll.

I remember the battery powered
radio we had back then. Mama would
order a new battery from Sears &
Roebuck catalog. The battery was
really big, about 15 inches long
by 6 inches tall and 3 inches
thick. I am just guessing, but
I remember when mama would
order one she would meet the
mailman out on the country route
when that battery was expected.
Boy! then we could hear Stella
Dallas, Grand ole opry and the
Creaking door again! We could
listen to Hank Williams and Patsy
Cline and all the other country
and western singers of the day!

I remember when gas was 5 gallons
for $1.00. Mama would stop at a gas
station before driving the three miles
home to the country, and buy 5
gallons of gas, 3 sacks of
R J Reynolds tobacco
and a package of wrapping
papers to roll her cigarettes. I
think the papers were free or went
with the little sacks of tobacco.

This was my Grandmothers
wind up clock. It would "dong" on
the hour and the half hour. I just
loved hearing the sound of that clock
when I was a child and
we were at "Grannies" house.
My uncle still has
that clock. That is the way it was
for me back  in the Good Old Days!
I would love to hear from you
cyber friends that remember those
days and some of the things you
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