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Betty's Haven
My Fantastic Explorings
A Virtual Tour

Me pointing to an old abandoned well on the old William Ballard place
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I just wanted to take you on a virtual tour of My Fantastic Explorings and if you ever get a chance you can go to these same places and see them for yourself, but for now just visit my web pages. I go in either the Zeb entrance or the Qualls entrance. When you drive in the Zeb entrance, you are on what is now called Burnt Cabin road. Burnt Cabin road goes south for about a mile then it turns east and then southeast on to the slab bridge over Greenleaf creek by the primitive deer camp sites. Where it first turns to the east, there is a road going to the west which is Greenleaf road. We will first go exploring on Greenleaf road, so we turn west and drive about 100 feet then the road turns south. We go south on Greenleaf road for a short distance and on the right is a road going to the west called Rifle Range road. We are not turning there this time, although there is a big old cellar and foundations ruins on the right (north) side of the road there. It used to be the old John Reynolds, son of Lonzo Reynolds place. I have pictures but don't have them scanned in or web pages made at this time. (Note: I do have them a page up now so go ahead and see it if you like.) We go south a short distance and on the left is the old Lonzo Reynolds place. There is a few rocks from the foundation but I have no pictures on the net of that place. We go on a little farther and there is a fork in the road which I call the "Y". Greenleaf road goes to the right (west) here for about a mile while the road going on south is called Diamond or Diagonal road. There is also a road which goes kind of southwest between these two roads which is called, Hutchinson road. Hutchinson road goes by the old Gullet place where John Spencer and family used to live, then goes on west to intercept with Greenleaf road which then is going south. Hutchinson road also goes south at the old Woodard school site, for a short distance to the Hutching place and then loops back west to Greenleaf road again. Now back to Greenleaf  from the "Y" where I said it goes for a mile then it goes south. About 1/2 mile on this road and on the north side is a place where the old Rogers place used to be. Now go on for the rest of the mile and there is a road at this corner that is called Ball Diamond road, which goes a short distance west and then north down a steep hill and on north to run into a road called, Wildhorse Mountain road that goes west and east starting at the Zeb entrance right after going in the gate. It goes west from there for a long way with the Ball Diamond turnoff on the left and goes on west and then kind of southwest on to the gate at the Cherokee / Muskogee county line. Now, back to Greenleaf road where I said it turns south. We go south for about 4/10 mile and on the right (west) is an old dug well right by the road. It used to be the old Daily place. On the left (east) side of the road, here, is where Hutchinson road makes a loop going east for a mile to the old Woodard school site and then south to the old Fred Hutching's  place, which is on the left (east) side of the road, then back west to Greenleaf road. Where it turns back west, there is a road going south here that is called the Carlile road. Carlile road goes a short distance and turns back west to Greenleaf or goes south all the way to Cedar Bluff road. Between where Diamond or Diagonal road and Carlile road meet Cedar Bluff there is an old place where Indie and Arley Spencer used to live. (Here for the 2nd Indie page) In fact it is just to the right after getting to Cedar Bluff road from Diamond or Diagonal. (Note: Diamond road, not Ball Diamond road) Now, back to Greenleaf road at the old Daily well, we are still going south. We pass the turn off for the south Hutchinson road, then pass the Benge road turning off to the right (west) and then Carlile road to the left (east), then a road called Round Mountain road which goes to the right (west) and just a short distance farther on Greenleaf road it goes to the left (east) up to this little Round Mountain. (Round Mountain page 2 here) If we turn west on Round Mountain road and go for quite away, there is an old road going north off of Round Mountain. This old road is not much more than a trail and finally is a trail and the woods, but up in those wood is the remains of the old John Jack Ballard  place and the North Ballard cemetery. They used to be a road coming to it from the west that turned off the County Line road north of the William Ballard place. Now, back to Greenleaf road. We continue on south and on the west side right off the road is where the old Earl Hutching place used to be. Go on south on Greenleaf to the old Greenleaf school site where the roads, Cedar Bluff, Greenleaf and Pumpkin Center roads all meet. Here we go on south for a short distance and come to the Greenleaf bridge that the WPA build and completed in 1938. Before this there was a swinging bridge here. We go south across the bridge for a short distance and we come to the south gate of the Wildlife Game Management controlled hunt area. Black Hollow road meets Greenleaf road here. Greenleaf road ends here and changes inside the gate to Small Game road. Black Hollow road and Greenleaf road used to meet just inside where the gate is now. You can still see the old road area. This is the area where my daddy was driving a little model a Ford  with a canvas top and was driving too fast to make the turn to Black Hollow road and turned his little car over and threw my mama right through the top. He rode the car all the way over! If you turn on Black Hollow road you will drive up a steep hill called Battenfield hill and on the top of the hill on the left (south) side of the road, there is the old Battenfield place. There is an old well and etc. To the north of the Battenfield place is an old road going north and then northeast down a hill to two old cemeteries that were moved out in 42. The first one is called the old Miller cemetery and on down the hill and across a tiny creek (that runs into Big Greenleaf creek) is the old original Greenleaf cemetery which was moved out of there in 42 and relocated to southwest of Tahlequah, OK. Now back to Battenfield place on top of the hill on Black Hollow road. Black Hollow road goes on east all the way to Burnt Cabin road south of the slab bridge where the deer hunters camp is. Now we go to Qualls entrance where the gate is on the east side of the Wildlife Game Management just east of Burnt Cabin road. When we get to Burnt Cabin road we can go north to the slab or south to Black Hollow road turnoff or on south to the gate that is locked because it is controlled hunt area. Or we can go on north on Burnt Cabin road past the deer hunter camp area and on to where the road turns back west and up a steep hill. Here where the road turns west look to the left (south) side and the old Lyde Lovett Keys cellar on the old place can still be seen. Now, back to the slab and just north of it is where Cedar Bluff road turns off to the west. Cedar Bluff road goes west all the way to Greenleaf road at the school site. On Cedar Bluff road we pass the turnoff for Diamond road (to the north) and then pass Indie Spencer place (on north side), then pass Carlile road (north side) and go on to the place where the road is rough to cross the creek. This is where I go on picnics quite often. Just across the creek here and up on the top of the hill is where Whiteoak road meets Cedar Bluff road. Where they meet is the big old cement cellar of Dide Redfearn. If you take Whiteoak road back east it will come out on Burnt Cabin road south of the slab near the old Corneilous Raincrow place which is not far (north) from the Qualls entrance. Cedar Bluff road winds on west and across Greenleaf creek several times and pass the other place where I picnic and see lots of big 4 ft long Gar fish in the creek. This area is where the Cedar Bluff is. Cedar Bluff road finally ends at the corner where Greenleaf school site is.
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