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My Grandmother Ina at Cookson
Betty's Haven

The Cookson's, Grannie Ina, my brother, my sister and me at Cookson, Ok in 40's I am the girl in the middle. Note: The bag my grannie is holding had hickory nuts in it. Bullet and Fannie Cookson on their tractor.

Me at age 7. A little about me as a child; I was born in Cookson, Oklahoma in 1937 at my grandmothers house. There is a big lake there now and I have been fishing and perhaps swimming right over my birthplace. I can remember my grandmothers house from when we used to go visit her in the 40's. We used to fish in the Illinois river which was a short distance from her house. We also had to cross the river in a flat bottom boat with paddles to go to the old Cookson store to get our mail. Of course the Cookson store is no longer where it used to be. It had to be moved two miles to higher ground when the lake was developed. I am so thankful for my memories because I can never go back to "See" my birthplace unless I take up scubadiving! At my age that is unlikely. lol

Me at age 10. The dress I have on in this picture was red and white. It was one of my "store bought" dresses. My Aunt made a lot of my dresses out of flour sacks and sometimes feed sacks. Back in the old days flour and feed sacks came in beautiful solid color and printed cloth patterns. My aunt could cut patterns out of newspaper or just cut them out of the material just the way we wanted. She was such a talented young lady. My aunt taught me to sew and do the same thing about patterns. When I notice what the price is now days for a dress, I think maybe we should go back for awhile to the old days! lol But no. What in the world would we do without the computer life we now enjoy? Why we can order a beautiful dress with the click of the mouse and not even have to leave home!
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