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Those Blazing The Trail
of the

William "Bill" Ballard and family
Back row; William Ballard holding baby Lillie Belle, Tom Ballard, John Jack Ballard
Front row; Sally Rattlinggourd Ballard, Capitola Ballard, Don Ballard,Carrie Ballard and Skeet Ballard.
Thanks to Houston, son of Tom for this beautiful old photo.
William "Bill" Ballard Born 1874 Died 1942
Sallie Rattlinggourd Born 1879 Died 1956
Thomas H. Ballard Born 1896 Died 1940
John Jack Ballard Born 1898 Died 1957
Caroline "Carrie" Ballard Born 1900 Died 1973
Donald L. Ballard Born 1902 Died 1973
Capitola "Cap" L. Ballard Born 1904 Died 1976
William Romine "Skeet" Ballard Born 1909 Died 1989 or 1990
Lillie Belle Ballard Born 1909 Died 1910 
David "Hawk" Ballard Born 1911 Died 1999
Jonanna Ballard Born 1913 Died 1914

John Jack and Tom Ballard

John Jack and Tom Ballard
Thanks to Houston for these great old pictures
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