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Those Blazing The Trail
of the

Tuxy Ballard Family about 1909
Left to right; Fox on mule, friends of Fox on horses, Tuxy, Tom, George, Sequoyah "Sam", Mary Ellen, Charlie the baby, Dewitt, Grass, Jack and three surveyors.
This picture was sent to me to copy by Glenda in CA. Thanks to her for this beautiful old picture of the Ballards. Here is a list of the people in this picture and you can decide for yourself who is who. I have listed who I think they are. I don't want to offend any that may disagree with me so I am listing the names in order as they are born and you can decide who you think is who if you don't agree with me. I do know the ones holding the poles are Surveyors who were surveying land or something. I have been told by Andy Ballard, Dewitts's son, that "Fox" Ballard is the guy on the mule. I was told that the other two were friends of his. To me there looks like one mule and two horses. Also I was told, by the Hixsons (Mizie married a Davis Hixson) that the mother in the picture was expecting twins at the time this picture was taken. (Mizie and Annie were the twins) Anyway here is the list of names and birthdates according to Indian rolls information and word of mouth. The 4th child Mable Ballard who married a Wison is not in this picture. She could have been the one taking the picture or she may have already been married and at her own home the day this was taken.
Alexander Alex "Tuxy" Ballard  Born 1863 Died 1924
Mary Ellen Pettit Ballard Born 1872 Died 1954 ?
Alexander "Fox" Ballard Born 1889 Died 1961
Elias "Grass" Ballard Born  1891 Died 1945
Dewitt Ballard Born 1893 Died 1962
Mable Ballard  Born 1896 Died ?
George Washinton Ballard Born 1898 Died ?
John Jackson "Jack" Ballard Born 1900 Died 1978
Thomas Ballard  Born 1903 Died ?
Sequoyah "Sam" Ballard Born 1906 Died 1976
Charley Ballard Born 1908 Died 1953
Mizie Ballard   not born yet in this pic Born 1911 Died 1971  twin
Annie Ballard  not born yet in this pic Born 1911 Died 1911 twin
Lizzie Ballard   not born yet in this pic Born ? Died ? 

Tuxy and Mary
Thanks to Glenda for this wonderful old picture of her great grandparents

"Fox" Ballard and wife Ida
Thanks to Glenda for picture of her grandparents

Fox Ballard's son, Claud
This is Glenda's Uncle Claud. She sent the following along with the picture;
Calaveras County's first Sheriff of Indian heritage, Claud Ballard, was surprised by members of his department Monday when they presented him with a number of authentic artifacts from the Cherokee National Trading Post in Oklahoma, including a full headdress and alphabet wall hanging. Undersheriff Fred Kern acquired the gifts for Ballard with the help of both regular and reserve members of the department and the Sheriff's Assoc. Ballard, who is one quarter Cherokee, plans to arrange the artifacts in a wall hanging when his office is remodeled.

Roy Ballard, wife Juanita and family, Roy is son of Fox Ballard
Children are; Elsie, Glenda, Jim, Wanda, Louise, Darlene and Claudette
Taken Easter 1951 in CA
Thanks Glenda for these pictures
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