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Betty's Haven
 Index of Applets
 Lake Applets
1. Greenleaf creek at Cedar Bluff road New
2.Me in Greenleaf creek New
3. Honor Heights Park in Muskogee, OK
4. More Honor Heights Park, beautiful
5. Greenleaf Bridge in OK
6. A day at the Beach in CA
7. Greenleaf Lake  in OK
8. Dillon Pinnacles in CO
9. Standing Rock Bridge in OK
10. Reflections, my daughter Kathy
11. Reflections my sister, Lillian
12. Me wading in flooded lake Tenkiller in OK
13. Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence New
 Snow Applets
1. My house in CA in snow
2. Me playing in snow in CA
3.My daughter's driveway in OH
4. My daughter's house in OH
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